Moving Forward May 2020


Hello to all of our patients and we hope this finds you and your families doing well.

With the changing government requirements/restrictions with COVID-19, we are looking forward to

beginning to see patients in our brick and mortar office in the near future. We will continue to do

telephone consults, curbside and mailing of needed supplements. We have appreciated your patience

with our reduced hours and supplement delivery delays. Our office is in fact still waiting for delivery of

masks and gloves with no delivery date available. (The Tattoo parlors and salons seem to have priority!)

As New Hampshire and Massachusetts have not plateaued with new Covid19 patient numbers, we are

proceeding cautiously. In order to open at all…..we will need N95 masks and we have none at this

time. If you have extra N95 masks that you are willing to sell to us, we will gladly replenish your stock

when we get our shipment.  As we begin the process of seeing in-office patients, there will be expected changes to the normal

routine. Those changes include but are not limited to:

  1. Patients must stay in their car until called or texted for their appointment. Following the NH Division of Public health services, there cannot be usage of an indoor waiting room.

  2. Patients must come in by themselves. No other family members permitted at this time.

  3. Patients must wear a mask as they walk in the door and during their entire visit. Shoes will also be removed at the door.

  4. Hands must be washed prior to testing.

  5. Purses, bags and water bottles are best kept in your cars.

  6. Visit and scan appointments will be 45 minutes long, allowing for us to clean and disinfect prior to the next patients arrival. (We are using the safest, effective cleaning methods we have on hand, cleaning between each patient)

  7.  Simplifying payment with call ahead credit card information will facilitate easy checkout and safety for all. You will be provided with all necessary paperwork and receipts.

  8. We are not testing for Covid-19 in the office but can make recommendations for local testing locations.

  9. If you feel you have any chance of being infected at this point, we suggest you get tested and we can recommend an appropriate protocol if needed.

As the virus particles can be compared to glitter, we appreciate your support trying to keep Christine and I healthy as well. We have distance supported several patients up to this point with Positive Covid-19 diagnoses and they have all done well. Lastly, know that it will be a bit challenging to quickly reschedule the volume of patients waiting since the middle of March for their appointments. The government restrictions limit the number of people we can see in one day. We will be doing our best to figure this out promptly also considering the urgency and need of each individual as we make our calls.  Our date of reopening for business depends on confidence of having safety for all.

Thank you,