At the request of many, we have put together a strategy list for support during the challenging weeks ahead. 

A tidbit about all viruses is that they share the same fundamental weaknesses and there is so much we can do to safely and easily up regulate and boost our immune systems. The following suggestions can work for prevention/treatment of all viruses.



Virus droplets from coughs and sneezes are a method to contamination. Door knobs, shopping carts, gym equipment, sports equipment, phones, keypads at checkouts can all have contaminated surfaces. Avoid touching your face/mouth /nose and eyes, and wash your hands as soon as you get home or in your car. Bear in mind that hand sanitizers are not nearly as affective as soap and water for 30 seconds. Ahh yes …the social isolation….keep in touch from a distance at this point. As we are all in this together, please reach out to someone who is isolated and make sure they are aware that they have support available. Peace of mind is PRICELESS! Helping others can empower you in times of uncertainty. Your focus becomes more positive.

CPM Antiviral/ Recommendations/Tools/Options for Additional Support

  1. Avoid all cane sugar…it depletes the immune system! Avoid alcohol as most of it converts into sugar.

  2.  Increase your Vitamin C intake to 1000mg 2 times per day. Citrus fruit are also a great source of natural Vitamin C.

  3.  Increase your Vitamin D3 intake to 5-10 thousand IU per day, best taken all at once in the evening. If you are acutely ill,  15,000iu of vitamin D3 for 5 days.

  4.  Echinacea taken daily. May be used 3-4 times per day at first hint of illness. Best to take it preventively all flu season before you get ill and before any viral outbreaks. All Echinacea is not equal. The good stuff(potent) will make your tongue feel a bit “furry” for a few minutes.

  5.  Olive leaf Extract in either tincture or capsule form can be used twice daily for both children and adults.

  6. Wild Oregano caps 1-2 per day

  7.  Adequate sleep….7-8 hours minimum. Practice sleep hygiene…Turn off the TV and meditate instead.

  8. Avoid the Flu shot and other immunizations that further deplete your immunity!!!! Could a new flu vaccine be partly responsible for the COVID-19 high morality rate in Italy? Very possibly. They created a new super vaccine and starting giving it in Sept 2019.

  9.  Stay well hydrated and use a humidifier/diffuser at home as viruses spread more readily in an overly dry environment. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for further antiviral and antibacterial properties. Eat nutrient dense foods. We will be adding to our recipe section for our favorite choices in the coming weeks. Go to and check under “Food for Thought”

  10.  Continue with your probiotics daily. Gut health is Immune health.

  11.  L Lysine at a dose of 2000mg per day is also antiviral.

  12. Zinc at a dose of 50mg per day for 7 days is antiviral. Then return to a lower dose.

  13. Viranon is an herbal tablet that can be used for prevention and treatment of many viruses. We have that in stock currently and are recommending 1 tablet twice daily.

  14.   Andrographis is another herb that is very beneficial and we are currently waiting for our delivery.

  15. The homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album 30C may be preventive for this virus: Dose 3 pellets on an empty stomach daily for 3 days and repeat each month until this virus is under control. One tube costs 7-8 dollars and can be purchased on Amazon or your local health food store. The research on this is coming in stronger consistently.

  16. Keep yourself physically and mentally active with exercise and goals to meet on a daily basis. Get up and go to bed at the same time each day. Maintain your natural rhythm of daily activity as much as possible.




Please stay in touch and stay well,


With kind regards,


Gail and Christine



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