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      Personalized Preventive & Functional Medicine



At the Center for Preventive Medicine, we take the time to really understand you and all the factors that are affecting your health.  Persistent symptoms are a sign of imbalances in our bodies and require careful diagnosis and thoughtful treatment — an initial visit at CPM is 60 to 90 minutes. 



We use a wide array of tested natural medical and nutritional therapies to diagnose and treat the root cause of your symptoms.  Each treatment plan is based on an individualized health assessment formulated for your unique biochemical make-up. 

Contact Us

1950 Lafayette Road, Ste 202

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Tel: 603-673-7910


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Our Mission Statement:


My goal as an Integrative Medical provider is to thoroughly assess and investigate the cause of an individual's symptoms and illness in the body so that a tailored treatment plan can be formulated for the benefit of resolution of the current imbalance as well as the promotion of good health over the lifespan.  Teaching the tools to regain and maintain health is the foundation of this practice.  On an individual basis, finding the specific well tolerated doses and remedies, given in the correct sequence is pivotal to healing.


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